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Discovery Shark Week – Underwater Livestream June 30

Discovery Channel and HITCASE are partnering up during Shark Week this year to do an underwater livestream on June 30, 2016 at 11am Eastern Time (GMT-4).

The underwater livestream off the coast of Florida in known shark habitat, will be hosted by HITCASE with shark ecologist and filmmaker Rob Stewart, director of the film Sharkwater. Stewart will be equipped only with his iPhone 6s protected by HITCASE PRO+.

Stewart will stream his free dive to multiple social media platforms, reaching Discovery Channel fans and viewers usingFacebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope.

HITCASE PRO+ is a waterproof iPhone case that lets go deeper underwater than any other iPhone case. With beautiful colour accuracy, super fast focusing, and the ability to film in 4K and with multiple frame rate options, iPhone lets filmmakers capture and create stunning, pro-level content

Shark Week Fans – to celebrate this first of a kind Livestream, HITCASE is offering a Limited Edition Shark Week branded HITCASE PRO+ for iPhone.

3 Tips To More Exciting Skateboard Videos Using A TrueLux™ Wide Angle Lens

“The Hitcase is good because there’s no transferring. When you film a trick, you can upload it right away,” said team rider Ryan Decenzo.

Taking professional video on an iPhone has its many advantages, especially when filming documentary-style or in the moment skate videos. Because it’s readily available, you are always in place for the action and to top it off you can easily edit the videos on the go or at the shoot.

Once you’re ready and want to use your Hitcase TrueLUX™ Wide Angle Lens to film like a professional, try following these three simple tips.

1. Steady your shot.
Let the skater enter on one side of the frame and exit on the other. This keeps the camera from moving too much and allows the viewer to focus more on the trick. It also creates visual cues indicating the beginning and end of the shot. It takes some practice, but this simple skill will add a dynamic element to each clip.

2. Get closer to the action.
The best part of having a Hitcase with a TrueLUX™ Wide Angle Lens is that it combines protection for your phone with a professional quality wide angle lens. To take full advantage of these benefits, get close to the action. The closer you get to the trick, the more the viewer feels like they are right there. There’s no danger of harming your phone, thanks to the solid case.

3. Film from a low vantage point.
When you film a trick from above, it feels further from the camera than it really is. It might look like a mini board doing tricks on the end of a very long-legged skater. Instead, shoot from a low vantage point and get close up to get the best angle.

A final reminder that can be applied to all of these tips is to keep the skater and board in the frame. If you really want to get technical, enable the grid and use the rule of thirds as a guideline to where you position the main element of the scene.

“It’s the best wide angle lens to use with snapchat for skate clips,” Said team rider Ryan Decenzo.

Being a good skateboard filmmaker takes a lot of practice, but with time you can master the art, become a pro and who knows maybe even be an award winning filmmaker like Ty Evans.



Kevin Pearce at Snowboard Pro Camp breaks down 10 important tricks for capturing great on-hill footage with iPhone. The Snowboard Pro Camp channel is constantly producing helpful videos for tips, tricks and pointers helping you become a more confident snowboarder in any situation. Check the video below, follow Snowboard Pro Camp here, and get your HITCASE…

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